Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Wedding season is coming

Some people I know are going through wedding planning again. One of my friends does wedding photography (www.perfectphotovideo.com) and another does wedding invitation designs (www.hapaculture.com) so I thought I'd give them a plug and help them get the word out.

This post is going to be about weddings in China. Basically, weddings in China are just a big dinner. No dance, not much entertainment (cheesy if it is) or anything like that. There is a stage, where the groom and bride stand to get announced, do the normal cake cutting and speeches. However, it is drastically different when it comes to meals. We all know about how Chinese banquets are and the meals are family style. However, one thing I don't get is when you get a slice of the wedding cake, its just one huge slice for the table and everyone just takes their fork and takes some to put on their plate. Now I do not know why sharing other dishes like the fish, vegetable, etc. and eating it family style does not seem gross but sharing a slice of cake does.

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