Thursday, January 21, 2010

Too many bags!

I'm not talking about designer bags because I know all you women out there will say that they can never have too many bags. The bags I will speak about are plastic bags from the super markets, book stores, etc. I am sure many of you have over a ton of these bags and cannot seem to reduce them. Mostly these bags are probably used as garbage bags throughout your home.

I believe a couple of months ago, NY tried to pass a law to charge a 5 cent tax on plastic bags. I do not recall seeing anything in the news about this being passed but I think we should all try to do our part and either reuse our bags or use cloth bags when going to the supermarket. This has already been a common practice in the San Francisco Bay Area for a bit where environmentalists are all over the place. Even in Shanghai, they are attempting to become greener and have passed a law that forces supermarkets to charge a fee for plastic bags. It is quite common to see cloth bags being used or given out by clothing stores so that people could reuse them and at the same time help them advertise.

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